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Flu shot season is upon us.

Three years in the past, STAT laid out a number of the questions surrounding flu vaccination in an article you’ll find right here. Plenty of flu vaccine research have been revealed within the interval — clearing up a number of the questions we raised, including to the confusion with others.

On condition that loads of you’re both about to roll up a sleeve or are debating whether or not you need to, we determined to revisit the problems we explored beforehand, based mostly on new data. We’ll additionally elevate just a few extra questions percolating on the planet of influenza science.


Is it too quickly to get your flu shot? And is it potential to attend too lengthy?

One of many questions on flu vaccine pertains to how lengthy its safety lasts. Particularly, researchers have been exploring whether or not that safety erodes through the course of a single season — and if it does, how shortly.

When you get vaccinated in August or September and flu season actually solely takes off in January, how a lot safety will you’ve got left? Then again in the event you wait till December to get your shot, what if flu season begins early?

It’s now fairly clear that “intra-season waning” — the erosion of safety inside a season — does happen. A research from the Facilities for Illness Management and Prevention revealed in 2017 estimated the decline at about 7% a month from the time of vaccination. A research from the Kaiser Permanente Vaccine Research Heart revealed this spring recommended the erosion was extra speedy: roughly 16% for each block of 28 days after vaccination.

Marc Lipsitch, an infectious ailments epidemiologist at Harvard College’s T.H. Chan College of Public Well being, had issues that the methodology used within the latter research might need been flawed. He labored with the researchers to reanalyze the information utilizing a unique research design. They reached the identical conclusion.

“I believe the very best estimate for the time being with the instruments we’ve — that are fairly good however not good — is that there’s substantial waning,” Lipsitch mentioned.

It is a scenario, although, the place what’s finest from a scientific perspective isn’t essentially what’s doable from an actual world perspective. The annual flu vaccination program is an enormous endeavor.

About 45% of the U.S. inhabitants will get a flu shot, greater than in another nation on the planet. Given the calls for that locations on well being care supply — and the proof that individuals who go away getting a flu shot too late typically don’t get one in the long run — the CDC recommends individuals attempt to get vaccinated earlier than the tip of October.

“It’s a large logistic situation for the well being care system within the U.S. yearly,” mentioned Dr. Dan Jernigan, director of the company’s influenza division. “We expect getting it across the October time-frame is sweet, however any time from September to November is best than not getting it.”

Nonetheless, given the proof of waning safety, Lipsitch argued it’s “completely affordable and possibly finest” for individuals to get a flu shot later, if they’ll, and for flu shot clinic organizers to maintain waning in thoughts. “It’s no tougher to carry three flu clinics in October and November than it’s to carry them in September and August.”

Is FluMist efficient? Can I get it?

FluMist, the one non-injected influenza vaccine, has been by way of a tough patch. This 12 months may have been the vaccine’s comeback — however it gained’t be.

Made by AstraZeneca (AZN), FluMist suffered a significant setback when the knowledgeable committee that advises the CDC on vaccines really useful it not be used for the 2016-2017 flu season, and later the 2017-2018 flu season as nicely. Information collected over the earlier three years recommended it hadn’t been efficient. That nearly sealed off many of the U.S. market to FluMist for 2 years.

In 2018 the CDC committee concluded adjustments that AstraZeneca made to the vaccine appeared to have solved the effectiveness downside, and it once more really useful FluMist may very well be used.

However by the point that advice was made, most of the firms that purchase flu vaccine in bulk had already positioned their orders for the 2018-2019 season. And the American Academy of Pediatrics wasn’t satisfied the adjustments had resolved FluMist’s points; it really useful that pediatricians urge households to present their youngsters flu photographs as a substitute.

This 12 months the entire constraints of the earlier three seasons had been lifted. However then new misfortunate befell FluMist. AstraZeneca had issues producing the viruses wanted for 2 of the 4 elements of the vaccine.

The U.S. market is getting a paltry quantity — about 758,000 doses. Dad and mom searching for FluMist could have a tough time discovering it this 12 months. It may very well be even tougher in different international locations. Pediatricians in Israel and Canada had been knowledgeable there could be no FluMist obtainable there for the approaching flu season.

AstraZeneca has declined to make anybody obtainable to speak concerning the scenario. However the firm confirmed that it had yield issues for the components of the vaccine that defend in opposition to influenza A viruses H1N1 and H3N2. (The vaccine additionally protects in opposition to two influenza B viruses.)

This happens once in a while with vaccine manufacturing. It’s unlucky for AstraZeneca, although, that it occurred in a 12 months when FluMist might need been poised for a resurgence.

Do I’ve to be fearful concerning the statin issue when getting a flu shot?

There have been issues that generally used cholesterol-lowering medication, statins, would possibly really undermine the effectiveness of flu vaccine.

A few research had raised questions concerning the risk that the medication would possibly dampen the immune response triggered by vaccine. That was significantly worrying as a result of the individuals who take statins — adults in late-middle age and older — are sometimes the people who find themselves at highest threat of turning into critically sick or dying from influenza. (Not less than in H3N2 flu seasons; extra on this later.)

The proof amassed lately, nonetheless, suggests these fears weren’t based. Researchers on the Marshfield Clinic Analysis Institute in Marshfield, Wis., checked out information over six flu seasons and noticed no important reducing of vaccine effectiveness amongst statin customers.

And researchers from the Meals and Drug Administration and the CDC analyzed the medical data of 2.eight million Medicare beneficiaries. They noticed no signal that individuals who used statins and had been vaccinated had been extra more likely to have critical bouts of flu than individuals who had been vaccinated however didn’t take statins.

For the CDC, this query is answered. “We’re not doing something additional with that now,” Jernigan mentioned.

Can repeated vaccination really backfire?

There’s been a rising perception that getting a flu shot 12 months after 12 months can impede the immune system’s capability to generate a powerful response to the vaccine.

It’s not thought that this phenomenon occurs yearly. However in some years when the viruses within the vaccine haven’t been up to date however the viruses which can be circulating are completely different from the vaccine model, individuals who have been repeatedly vaccinated might find yourself being extra more likely to get contaminated. Influenza researchers name this “unfavorable interference.”

Dr. Danuta Skowronski of the British Columbia Heart for Illness Management has revealed papers exhibiting this impact. She mentioned the analysis group’s consensus seems to be accepting that that is actual.

“There actually has been a shift, a palpable shift, from ‘Are these indicators actual?’ to nearly a way of ‘In fact they’re actual. Now why?’” she mentioned.

Dr. Mark Loeb, a flu analysis at McMaster College in Hamilton, Ontario, appears to be like on the situation a unique means. Loeb’s group performed an enormous meta-analysis, the entire scientific literature on the query, screening hundreds of papers. The conclusion: Repeat vaccination isn’t persistently undermining the safety the vaccine affords.

“To me the underside line is the information thus far don’t actually help a discount in vaccine efficacy with repeat flu vaccination,” Loeb mentioned. “They don’t rule it out fully. So I believe it’s nonetheless a little bit of an open query.”

Loeb doesn’t rule it out; Skowronski undoubtedly guidelines it in — generally. However neither thinks present suggestions to get annual flu photographs needs to be modified.

A separate impact seen with influenza — generally known as authentic antigenic sin or imprinting — relies on the concept the primary flu viruses you encounter in your life go away an indelible mark in your immune system. In case your first an infection was brought on by an H3N2 virus, you’ll all the time produce extra antibodies to H3 viruses if you get vaccinated than you’ll to the opposite influenza A viruses, H1N1, and vice-versa.

This concept has actually taken root within the flu analysis group. The information on who will get sickest every flu season are making the sample “very clear,” Jernigan mentioned, pointing to a not too long ago revealed paper by Alicia Budd of the CDC.

It exhibits that because the 2009 flu pandemic, brought on by a brand new H1N1 virus, completely different age teams are getting hospitalized with extreme flu infections in H1N1 years.

The mantra that flu seasons are hardest on the aged might shift to “some flu seasons.” The aged fared fairly nicely within the H1N1 pandemic — their immune methods recognizing it as a distant relative of a flu virus they’d encountered earlier in life. However individuals who had been born within the late 1950s and the 1960s had their first infections with different viruses, and H1N1 viruses are an even bigger risk for them.

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